After Midnight Where To Go





It’s small hidden night snacking spot. For you who craving for indomie at night, this plase is for you. They have several noodle creation, from Indomie aglio olio, Indomie with dori sambal matah, indomie creamy milk, indomie salted egg and many more. All the manu has big portion with generous toppings so it’s super satisfying and also the price is affordable, how wonderful!



Price : ± IDR 40K/ Person

When : Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 01:00

Where : Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 135A, West Jakarta



Wing Heng


Credit : @kyuli_san


This Dim Sum spot is the best! You can find so many kind of delicious Dim Sum, noodles, and mantau. One of our favorite is shrimp hakau, pork siao mai, chicken feet, steam pork, mantau and chong fan. It’s surely the best night snack you can get!


Credit : @jktfoodchoice


Price : ± IDR 150K/ 2 Person

When : Everyday for 24 Hours

Where : Jl. Pluit Karang Utara, Blok A4U No. 65A, Pluit



Shao Kao



Best place to have skewer and beer. They have so many variant of skewer, you can choose what you want once you entering the restaurant, and also the beer is cheaper here then other place. Beer and Skewer, Perfect Combo for perfect night!



Price : ± IDR 80K/ Person

When : Monday – Sunday 16:00 – 01:00

Where :

  • Ruko Cordoba, Blok F No. 6, Bukit Golf Mediterania, PIK
  • Ratu Kemuning No. 25, Green Ville
  • Gajah Mada No. 182, Gajah Mada
  • Boulevard Raya, Blok LA6 No. 16, Kelapa Gading
  • Ruko Batavia, Blok AA2 No. 24, Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
  • Boulevard Raya, Blok QA 5 No. 16, Kelapa Gading



Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen


Credit : @rulitiar


It’s 24 hour cafe decked in an eye-catching white brick building with a casual modern vibe. They have homey interior that gonna make you happy to linger. Try their Fried Calamari or the sinful blueberry cheesecake, its hella good.


Credit : @ohfoodyhuin


Price : ± IDR 100K/ Person

When : Everyday for 24 Hours

b Plaza Festival Parkir Selatan, Jl. Haji R. Rasuna Said Kav. C 222, Karet Kuningan



Bubur Kwang Tung


Credit : @nenaseoul


One of the best porridge that you can have in Jakarta. It’s quite pricy but the portion is huge too, it can serve up to 4 persons. It’s a hongkong style porridge so you’re gonna taste a hint of ginger in it and it also has the taste of sesame oil. We reccomend you to order cakwe or salt and pepper tofu for side dish, it will complete the taste of the porridge.

Price : ± IDR 80K/ Person

When : Everyday for 24 Hours

Where :

  • Pecenongan No. 671, Pecenongan
  • Wolter Monginsidi No.49



Sleepless Owls Coffee



Perfect place to have a snack till dawn. Their ambience is super cozy, they have so many type of snack that super delicious and worth to try. If you search for place to hangout at night, you and your gank should go here. Try their hot chocolate, it has a deep flavour but not to sweet, another one to try is their coffee or affogato. They also have snack like nachos, potato wedges and homade potato chips.



Price : ± IDR 50K/ Person

When : Monday – Sunday 07:00 – 03:00

Where : Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 27, Tebet, Jakarta



Bakso Rusuk Samahudi



This bakso is served with thick beef broth and ribs cut, its super refresing and satifying. The meatball texture is soft yet chewy with a very tasteful beef broth and the rib meat is so tender and melts in your mouth. The place also offers another dishes, such as chicken noodle or known as Mie Ayam, instant noodle, and plenty of beverage choices.



Price : ± IDR 40K/ Person

When : Everyday for 24 Hours

Where :

  • Samanhudi 18D
  • Tanjung Duren no.1K, West Jakarta
  • KH.Mas Mansyur 39B
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