Affordable Yumminess at Union Deli Jakarta

Last week our good friends at Union Deli Jakarta invited us over to their  Grand Indonesia (East Mall) branch to sample their delicious new menu. As you all probably know, Union Group, or more specifically Union Deli is one of the pioneers of Jakarta’s growing cafe culture. They try to keep their prices low and their quality sky-high. Keep reading for great food photos and my Union Deli Jakarta Cheat Sheet.

Christmas Gift Boxes at Union Deli Jakarta

It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight… (it was afternoon)

We started with what turned out to be my favourite dish of the day, which was the House-Made Chicken Liver Pâté served with fig jam and pickles (!) A lot of people feek icky about liver pâté, but it’s actually amazing and you should give it a try. The pickles too, beause they’re house-made, they’re not at all like the ones that you get in fast-food chains. They’re perfectly crunchy and crisp, tangy but not overly so.

Chicken Liver Pâté with Fig Jam Union Deli Jakarta


Then we had the ‘The Double Lobster’ which.. is actually crayfish and shrimp.

I really liked the roll! I am a sucker for buttered and toasted buns, and since they make everything themselves here, it was super fresh. They also provide sambal matah for you to add to the crayfish bisque (the soup) for those that like a bit of spice. Also gives it a bit of an Indonesian kick.

'The Double Lobster' Union Deli Jakarta


Some others that we had were the juicy 5-hour slow roasted Crispy Pork Belly. Served on a fresh burger bun with kale pesto. Doesn’t that sound fancy. It’s delicious too. One of the best burgers in Jakarta that I’ve had in a long time. You’ll want to order a nice refreshing drink with this one to really complement the flavours.

Crispy Pork Belly at Union Deli Jakarta


The Chicken and Sausage Gumbo  is definitely one for those have-to-have-rice diners out there.

I know I have a cousin who will not be full unless he eats rice, and this is right up his alley. It’s a New Orleans style stew served with chicken and house-made Andouille sausage, a popular smoked sausage that has become a large part of the Louisiana Creole culture.

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Union Deli Jakarta


We’ve got that same house-made Andouille sausage again in the Smoked New Orleans SausageA hot dog that puts all other Jakartan hot dogs to shame.

They give a generous amount of their fiery mustard, creamy mayo and tonnes of caramelised onions for that added sweetness. You may also be wondering what that is in the background, well we’ll get to that real soon (;

Smoked New Orleans Sausage Union Deli Jakarta


Next up is the glorious five-hour slowroasted, super crispy, rich and smooth Porchetta. A carefully assembled delicacy of stuffing, meat, fat and skin which is then rolled, spitted and then roasted.

What you then get is a flavour-packed punch of pork fat, tender meat and oh-so-crispy skin. Crack! Crack! It also comes with a kale salad and mustard vinaigrette to make you feel slightly less guilty. The acidity in the dressing does help cut back on the overall richness of the dish, so make sure you eat your vegetables!

Crispy Pork Belly Union Deli Jakarta


While that’s it for the new menu, one of our friends also ordered the Memphis Barbecue. A tangy pulled pork (or chicken), the famous Memphis barbecue sauce and a crisp and creamy coleslaw all assembled on a pretzel bun. I almost dropped what I was eating to drool over his order. Bad manners, I know.

Memphis Barbecue at Union Deli Jakarta


We, or rather I (everyone else was full), finished it off with one of their best-selling desserts, a Dulce De Leche Flaky Doughnut with a side of creamy vanilla ice cream. I think the photo speaks for themselves. It really is quite the rich dessert, and while the ice cream helps out a bit, you should probably have a drink on the side, too.

Dulce De Leche Doughnut Union Deli Jakarta


So that’s what we had that day. A lot, I know. (Time to hit the gym, right?)

The best part about this new menu is that IT’S AVAILABLE NOW. It’s already there for you to try out tonight for dinner! Or tomorrow, for lunch! Here’s my Union Deli Jakarta cheat sheet on what to order:

  • Dropping by during the lunch rush? RSVP. Need a table of seven for dinner? RSVP.
  • Get a House-Made Cherry Coke and some Iced Tea
  • Order the Chicken Liver Pâté to start (you won’t regret this)
  • With friends? The Double Lobster, the Gumbo and either the Pork Belly OR the Porchetta.
  • Finish it off with some Dulche De Leche Doughnuts and a strong coffee.

When? 10:00am till late

Where? Union Deli Jakarta, Grand Indonesia East Mall,
Ground Floor inside Central Dept. Store

More Info/RSVP? +6221 2358 0476 / [email protected]

Have you been to Union Deli? What did you order?
Have fun and eat lots!

– Maria Hadiwinata


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