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To witness a snapshot of Jakarta's current artistic pulse, head to Taman Ismail Marzuki in Menteng, Cikini, Central Jakarta. The center of Arts in Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki, also known as TIM, is a complex located on Cikini Raya Street 37, Jakarta. The place hosts traditional and contemporary arts. The center of arts acquired its name from the great Indonesian musician, Ismail Marzuki, whose statue guards the entrance gate. TIM also hosts the Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute for the Arts) and Jakarta Platenarium. The arts institute is the only one of its kind in Indonesia and the first local college entirely dedicated to the training of performing and visual arts.

The Planetarium Jakarta is an educational touring facility that presents simulations about astronomy and celestial objects. Inside, visitors can see the Planetarium Show, usually called as Star Theater, which usually takes about 60 minutes in time with various themes such as Solar System, Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse, Little Explorer at Solar System, Our Galaxy is Bima Sakti, Earth, the Blue Planet, Multi Star and Variable Star, from Equator to Polar, Biography of the Star, and The Formation of Solar System. Besides the Star Theater show there’s also a multimedia show that explain the theories about solar as the center of solar system and the theories about the formation of universe. Moreover, the planetarium also provides facilities to observe celestial objects through direct telescopic observation that allow you to see phenomenon of the nature like lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, comet, and others. Nevertheless, as time tables often changes, it's advisable to give the place a call. *Text courtesy of


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73 Jl. Cikini Raya, Menteng , Central Jakarta 10330, Indonesia.

+6221 315 4087

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