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Wayang is a theatrical performance employing puppets or human dancer. The puppet could be made of leather which perform shadow puppets play, or of wooden. Wayang Museum (used to be called as Shadow Puppet Museum as well) is a museum which keeps collections of wayang from various territories in Indonesia and even from other countries. The idea of building Wayang Museum started when H. Ali Sadikin, the governor of DKI Jakarta, attended the second wayang museum week in 1974. With the support of the committee of the wayang museum week, wayang lovers, and the governor of DKI Jakarta, the Wayang Museum was then established.

The museum was officially open on 13th August, 1975 by the governor of DKI Jakarta, H. Ali Sadikin. The location of this museum was originally occupied by an old church, erected by the VOC on 1640, with the name, “ de oude Hollandsche Kerk." In 1733, the church undergoes a renovation which also led to a name change to “ de nieuwe Hollandsche Kerk “, which stands tall on 1808. The church courtyard is now the open air area of Wayang Museum, where one can find nine epigraphy which host the names of Dutch officials which was buried at the courtyard. A ticket surcharge of Rp.5000,- is requested for admission fee. The museum hosts a Wayang Golek performance on the second Sunday of every month, Wayang Kulit Betawi on the third Sunday of each month, and Wayang Kulit Purwa on the last Sunday of every month. There is also a demonstration of the making Wayang Golek, and Peragaan Karawitan for public. Please call in advance to confirm schedules. *Text courtesy of Wikipedia.

Opening Hours

09:00 - 15:00

Minggu ada pagelaran jam 10;00 -14:00

Closed on Monday


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