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Inspired by ancient wisdom and the tradition of bathing and beauty care throughout the lifecycle, combined with the new age trend of back to nature, Beauty and Harmony Lifestyle Spa of Martha Tilaar has been created. Martha Tilaar is a prominent Indonesian woman entrepreneur, who has sold over Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. In her endless search for new ideas in her business to offer to women, Martha Tilaar observed that with the modern lifestyle of today, more and more people are under stress and are acutely aware of it. However, today's lifestyle was also quite conducive to propel the desire and quest for a healthier, more relaxed, and happier being. Hence everyone was then looking for the fountain of health and youth, and Martha Tilaar saw the potential of the spa experience as an opportunity to stay healthy and happy. The spa (which means Solus per Aqua, or health by water) readily lent itself as a solution to the modern and future lifestyle problem, offering the "The Authentic Indonesia Spa Experiences."

Price Range/Person

From IDR 250.000 - 500.000

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday:
08:00 - 20:00

Closed on Public Holiday


  • Category : Wellness
  • Reservations : Recommended
  • Private : Available
  • Free Drinks Water : Yes
  • Valet Service : Not Available
  • Therapist : Both
  • Gender : Accepting Both Gender
  • Uniqueness : Martha Tilaar offers an authentic Indonesian spa treatment.
  • Wifi : Available


Pondok Indah Plaza II, Puri Kembangan, Pluit, Kelapa Gading, Prapanca, Graha Irama Building, Tebet, Wahid Hasyim, Cikini, Kemayoran, Cinere, Gandaria.

+6221 769 5456 / +6221 769 5131

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa
Jl. Gandaria I No. 337
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12130, Indonesia.

+6221 722 5680

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Puri Kembangan
Jl. Sentra Niaga, Puri Indah Blok T2/28, Puri Kembangan West Jakarta 11610, Indonesia.

+6221 583 015 59 / +6221 583 015 60

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Pluit
Jl. Pluit Timur Raya No 30, North Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 669 22 96 / +6221 666 953 83

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Kelapa Gading
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard Raya
Blok FY I No. 5, North Jakarta 14240, Indonesia.

+6221 453 2718

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Prapanca
Jl. Prapanca Raya Blok P III No 3, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 739 3519

Martha Tilaar Center
Graha Irama Building, Mezzanine Fl. Jl. Rasuna Said Blok XI - Kuningan, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 526 1121 / 24 / 25

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Tebet
Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Tebet
Ruko Perkantoran Tujuh
Jl. Tebet Raya No. 7, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 837 851 82

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Wahid Hasyim
Jl. Wahid Hasyim No 19 - 21, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 319 259 21

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Cikini
Jl. Cikini Raya No 83, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 319 376 16

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Kemayoran
Club House Spring Hill Golf Residence
Ground Floor
Jl. Benyamin Suaeb Blok D7,
Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 658 669 19 / +6221 658 669 33

Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Cinere
Jl. Raya Cinere No. 20 E - South Jakarta, Indonesia.

+6221 753 6999