Photo: Courtesy of Jakarta.PanduanWisata

indonesian museum of kites

The Indonesian Museum of Kites - is the only museum of its the kind ever set up in Indonesia, which has been open to the public since March 21, 2003. Inside, one can find over than 350 kites from different parts of this country, as well as other countries.Its rare collection includes the smallest kite, whole-leaf kites and decades-old, yet well preserved ones. Its founder, art patron Endang W. Puspoyo, also known as a beautician, has been active in the kite-loving community since 1989.

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday:
09:00 - 16:00

Closed on Public Holiday


  • Category : Art
  • Additional : The museum also conducts Kite Making Workshop, Ceramic Making, T-Shirt Painting, Lantern Painting, Puppet Painting, etc.
  • Wifi : Available


Jl. H.Kamang No 38, Pondok Labu, South Jakarta 12450, Indonesia.

+6221 765 8075

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