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As recognized by many, Edwin's Gallery (EG) is one of the most active and the longest-running private art galleries in Indonesia. Founded in July 1984, it constantly maintains its existence and activities in the art scene and never ceases to develop ever since.
Starting from a small gallery space and photography studio in his garage, the gallery now stands on an area of 2000 m2 which consists around 500 m2 solely for exhibition spaces, at Kemang, Jakarta. To this date, the gallery has hosted more than 150 exhibitions that presented more than 200 established artists, from Indonesia and across the globe.

The highlighted list of prominent Indonesian contemporary artists who have taken part in EG's exhibitions are namely: Sunaryo, Nyoman Nuarta, Heri Dono, Dolorosa Sinaga, Agus Suwage, Rudy Mantofani, Handiwirman, Ivan Sagita, S Teddy D, and Yani Mariani Sastranegara. Many of these artists have been presented in the international art scene by EG, such as at Sichuan Art Museum in China, NUS Museum in Singapore and Open Asia 2004 at Lido, Venice.

Furthermore, as a part of its participation in developing Indonesian art history, the gallery also shown a number of exhibitions showing historically important works of Indonesia's maestros, particularly Ahmad Sadali, Mochtar Apin, S Sudjojono and Affandi. Many of the works are a part of the gallery's permanent collection that will be preserved in its presently developing museum, which will be opened in the short future. Edwin's Gallery journey proves itself as one of the most consistent frontrunners in this country's art scene. Its accomplishment is a result of the founder's motivation to share and create, to build the local art scene together with the art communities and art lovers, something that has been continuously growing, becoming a legacy.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:
09:00 - 17:00

Closed on Sunday


  • Category : Art
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Jl. Kemang Raya No. 21, Kemang, South Jakarta 12730, Indonesia.

+6221 719 4721, +6221 717 900 49

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