Crossfit Equator Kemang

CrossFit Equator is the 1st CrossFit Affiliate in Indonesia, and has been operating as a CrossFit gym for nearly 5 years. It is fully equipped with functional equipments along with qualified, experienced coaches that can help one lose weight, get healthy and fit, FAST!

CrossFit is a fitness system that uses everyday movements like squat (sit to stand), jump, push, pull, lift, throw to help you lose weight while improving your endurance, speed, flexibily and strength. The workout will always be different, never boring and always fun. This workout is specially designed to workout together with friends, good music and good ol' fun. Moreover CrossFit Camp class is affordable and is designed for everyone at any age or fitness level.

Price Range/Person

From IDR 250.000 - 500.000

Opening Hours

+ Morning Class
Mon - Sat ; 8:30

+ Evening Class
Mon - Thu ; 18:30

Closed on Sunday


  • Category : Sports
  • Age : No Age Limit
  • Reservations : Recommended
  • Restaurants : Available
  • Childcare : Not Available
  • Facilities : + Water Dispenser, Bathroom, Showers, Jogging Track, Free Wi-Fi/
    + Hotel facilites (may incur additional charge):
    Coffee Shop, Outdoor Soccer Field, Swimming Pool, Meeting Rooms, Ping Pong Table.
  • Wifi : Available


Hotel Garden (across from Beer Brothers)
Jl. Taman Kemang No. 1, Kemang, South Jakarta 12730, Indonesia.

+6221 818 824 979

  • CrossFit Equator is the only gym in Kemang that helps you get in better shape using everyday movements spiced with tons of support from friends. The community in CrossFit Equator Kemang shares the same passion and is always welcoming to everyone that comes to our ‘box’. I can’t EVER get back to the regular gym because there I’m alone and lost, while in CrossFit Equator, I’m part of a Tribe having tons of fun!

    26 January 2014
  • After a long and tiring day at work, finding motivation to exercise is hard. Even if you finally managed to get yourself to the gym, chances are, you are stuck doing the same routines! In CrossFit, routine is our enemy. Our workout is never the same and our community will ensure that you have all the support you need to complete the workout! Stronger, faster, better…TOGETHER!

    27 January 2014
  • The gym offers a great community and a fun alternative to other gyms/workout options in the area. I highly recommend Crossfit Equator for visitors, membership, and definitely worth checking out on their share the pain days (trust me, there is no pain involved, just an excellent work out guided by professional staff). Get fit with no stress! The coaches has created fun workout each day.

    27 January 2014
  • It’s not regular gym, it’s more a community with high intense workouts. CrossFit always different set of workouts, but it’s always fun. It always get me motivated to come meet some friends and workout together. A very fun way to get sweat.

    29 January 2014
  • Sai

    Crossfit, its twice as expensive and half the size of fitness first.

    Yet when you go there, just once, you’ll see that its worth double what you pay.

    I’ve been going to the gym for the last 7 years. After a while, its the same boring routine, everybody around you is on the iPod, listening to their music not interacting with each other. Sure the equipment is nice, but the motivation to go becomes close to 0

    Cross fit, is totally different. I go in their once, I know everybody in the Gym, not only that but because we work out and support each other the results I’m getting are FAR superior than any gym.

    Come along, you won’t regret it.


    29 January 2014
  • CrossFit to me is a fun, intense workout and varied. everyday you get new cardio workout and get to improve your strenght and skills. Not just that you will get lots of new friends that will support you all the way. What more can you ask for, burn calories, gain strenght, fun workout, amazing coaches, and friendly community..

    29 January 2014
  • Oka

    CrossFit is not only a physical game, it’s also a mental game. I need to finish the workout no matter what. CrossFit Equator with their strong community always support and motivate me throughout the workout. Stronger, Faster, Better Physically and Mentally.

    1 February 2014
  • Crossfit Equator is the best place to start learning Crossfit. The Coaches are really good, The Tribe are filled with very friendly people. If you are looking a place to get STRONGER, FASTER and BETTER….TOGETHER, then Crossfit Equator is the place.


    19 February 2014
  • The workouts are awesomely challenging yet fun. I personally think CrossFit is the most effective way to get fit; 45min worth sweating 🙂

    19 February 2014
  • I’m so happy to start crossfit at Crossfit Equator, all the member are very welcome and very friendly, the coach always support you in every training. And the most important is, I loss 2kgs in 3 session of Fitcamp….this is Awesome and this is what I’m looking for. I’ll keep coming to Crossfit Equator for sure!!!

    21 February 2014
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