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Chocolate Embassy

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The Chocolate School was set up early 2010 to provide Chocolate Education to professionals in the culinary industry, bakeries, restaurants, home industries, entrepreneurs and anyone who loves chocolate. The School, the only one of its kind in Indonesia, was set up by Freyabadi Indotama, industrial chocolate manufacturers. Freyabadi is a joint venture of the Petra Foods Group, Singapore and Fuji Oil Group of Japan; both chocolate specialists.

Since its opening the School has had nearly a thousand students from all over Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Pakistan, The United States and Sri Lanka. The Ministries of Trade and Industry have also send selected SMEs for training at the School.

Several students has used the skills learned to the benefit of their careers, improve their business, or even start their own chocolate business.
Courses begin with a one day Introduction to Chocolate, ideal for first timers curious about chocolate and opportunities. If they wish to progress, they go on to a two day Chocolatier Course in which they are taught the essential skills in working with real couverture chocolate. They can progress further to do specialized and professionals courses; Professional Chocolate Assortments, Gourmet Pralines Course, and Piped Pralines Course. The School also runs two hour children’s classes during school holidays. There are also special 2 hour classes for groups.

This year the School has a special “romantic” class for couples celebrating Valentines Day. During this two to three hour sessions couples make and decorate chocolate hearts and fill with premium pralines for each other. The School kitchen is designed by professionals. It is fully equipped tools, accessories, equipment used by professional chefs. The School only uses only real, premium couverture chocolate and quality ingredients. During full day classes, students are provided lunch and get to take away all the chocolates they make.
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Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
08:00 - 17:00

Closed on Public Holiday


  • Category : Hobbies
  • Age : No Age Limit
  • Reservations : Recommended
  • Restaurants : Not Available
  • Credit : Array
  • Uniqueness : Learn the special technique of developing chocolate from the fruit itself.
  • Wifi : Available


Bellezza Shopping Arcade 3rd Floor - Jl. Arteri Soepeno No34
Permata Hijau, South Jakarta 12210,

+6221 705 026 68

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    I want to learn produce cooking chocolate in a small scale. by using cocoa butter substitute. please help me
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    15 January 2015
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