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BIASA ArtSpace Jakarta Gallery

Observatory of the Self 3.1 (2012) Kinetic Installation

biasa artspace jakarta

Expanding its exposure, BIASA ArtSpaces foray into the city of Jakarta is an endeavor to generate an original platform for debate, an alternative space that could act as a stimulus and a free port for art practice and a provision for socio-cultural understanding. The gallery strives to become an alternative window intended to redirect and inspire both local and global art institutions in building a dynamic cooperation between art, cultural, social and political disciplines in both creation and creative tension.

BIASA ArtSpace represents the inevitable need to redefine the context of transnational experience including social and individual identity. The gallery is not conceived as ‘exclusive players’, their intention is to share, spread and exchange the practice of art and the human effect globally.

BIASA ArtSpace Jakarta wishes to continue the discourse between artist and audience that was started in Bali with the creation of BIASA ArtSpace in 2005; showcasing contemporary creative forces that reflect the desire to fuse global and local refined awareness.

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Sunday:
11:00 - 18:00

Closed on Monday


  • Category : Art
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Jl. Kemang Raya 20 – 2nd Floor, South Jakarta 12730, Indonesia.

+6221 717 962 64