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Bartele Gallery is the only Gallery Shop in Indonesia for antique Maps, Prints, Photographs, Books and Antiquities; ideal for a unique memento or decorative art piece investment from Indonesia. The gallery, founded in 2009 is situated in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta, and is well worth a visit. Even if you’re not looking to buy, it's fascinating to research or just browse our collection, some over 500 years old!

Bartele Gallery was founded by Bartele, who lived and worked in Indonesia for 25 years. When he first bought a batch of maps and prints of the East Indies at an auction in Europe, Bartele noticed the great interest shown by his Indonesian friends in these historical maps and prints. His passion for collecting maps and prints resulted in an extensive collection which still forms the foundation of Bartele Gallery's collection today.

The beauty of old and rare maps can be enjoyed as well as the joy of investing in a valuable antique. Antique maps are among the most affordable, under-valued and attractive antiques that are readily available to the public. Many Asian maps have doubled their value in the last few years.


  • Category : Art
  • Uniqueness : At Bartele Gallery you can admire rare antique maps showing the routes that brave pioneers took from Europe to Asia around the Cape of Good Hope.
    The collection includes maps such legendary cartographic names as Ptolemy, Mercator, Ortelius and Blaeu.
    Whether you are an ardent collector, or looking for a memorable gift or just seeking that perfect item to adorn a blank wall, you need look no further than Bartele Gallery.
  • Additional : Come to our gallery in the Mandarin Hotel and they will show you some of these amazing windows into Asian history. Their maps and prints on offer are all over a 100 years old and are sold with a certificate of authenticity.
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Mandarin Oriental Hotel - 2nd floor
Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta

(021) - 2993 8997

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