Bakeasy by Cookpad

Bakeasy is the first bake-it-yourself place in Indonesia. Our self-service concept will give people a new, creative experience.
When you come to Bakeasy, we guarantee Discovery. Discover a new passion, a new hobby, a new world – through baking.

Main Activities : Pick your menu – So many sweets to choose from... From Chocolate Chip Cookies to Japanese Cheesecakes, we also have new menus every month! We’ve got everything you need ingredients, tools, even mixer & ovens! Just follow our fool-proof instructions and bake-it-yourself. Share the love – You can take your baking result home and share it with your loved ones

Opening Hours

Saturday & Sunday : 1 PM - 6 PM

Closed on Monday - Friday


  • Category : Fun/Hobbies
  • Uniqueness : not your typical cooking/baking class but with our 'Bakeasy magic' you'll be able to make a cake from scratch
  • Additional : make a booking before you come to make sure our ovens are still available for you. You can book via WhatsApp (081298549334), DM us on Instagram (@bakeasy_by_cookpad) or book online

    Facilities Provided : Ingredients, tools, mixer & ovens. With Free coffee & tea
  • Wifi : Available


Jl. Suryo No.46, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan


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