A Gastronomical Valentine’s Day at Colonial

Hello love birds, I’m sure you’re dying to see what we have lined up for you this coming Valentine’s Day season.

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have been invited to a most interesting place, Colonial Cuisine & Gastronomy Jakarta in Lippo Mall Kemang. Colonial Cuisine & Gastronomy Jakarta was the brainchild of Mrs Geetika Sainani and her husband, expatriates who have been in Indonesia since 1989. Now Indonesian citizens, they wished to bring their love of food and Indonesian culture to the friends that they have made here.

Colonial Cuisine & Gastronomy Jakarta is a restaurant that focuses on introducing accessible fine-dining and modern gastronomy to its large range of guests. If you’ve ever been interested in a fillet of salmon cooked sous-vide or seeing a parcel of pure beetroot puree dissolve in front of your very eyes, then this gourmet experience is for you.

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Colonian Cusinie & Molecular Jakarta


Colonian Cusinie & Molecular Jakarta


The Colonial Cuisine & Molecular Jakarta was decorated around a theme we all know and love. With simply decorated dining arrangements and comfortable seating, diners are surrounded by an old-timey feelgood magic that’s hard to come by these days.

Sitting and dining at the Colonial Cuisine & Molecular Jakarta takes you back to a time you might never have lived in but feel nostalgic about anyway. Perfect smiles and perfect service is what takes Colonial to another level. As you sit and chat with friends, empty plates are whisked away and new courses are brought in seamlessly.

Colonian Cusinie & Molecular Jakarta


If your friends are running a little late, as ours were, don’t stay seated. Have a look around at all the items hand-picked to decorate the place and exchange a few friendly words with resident Bar Manager Anggi. Each staff member has their own quirky story to tell and make great companions while you wait. Don’t forget to also take with you a camera so you can document your time here as one that’s out of the (modern) world.

Colonian Cusinie & Molecular Jakarta


Colonian Cusinie & Molecular Jakarta


Today, however, we will be talking about the specially crafted Valentine’s Day Four Course Menu that in-house executive Chef Zul put together. He believes that though Colonial Cuisine & Molecular is expected to produce a varied number of courses, for the modern couple, five to six course degustations is too much. In the week leading up to February 14th, Colonial Cuisine & Molecular is hosting a two-course and three-course option during its lunch and dinner service for those unable to spend so much time starting at a reasonable IDR 275.000++ per person.

There are several Valentine’s Themed Cocktails during the month of love, but two that we tried were the  Romantic Rose Cocktail  and the Virgin Rosini. Sweet enough for your Valentine but not so sickeningly sweet.

The Romantic Rose Cocktail is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, house vodka, grenadine syrup and club soda while the Virgin Rosini is made of Sprite, rose syrup and a sweet and sour mix. Both are great refreshers to start off the evening.


Colonian Cusinie & Molecular Jakarta


Colonial Cuisine & Molecular Scallop Carpaccio


This Scallop Carpaccio is put together with a soy-mango relish, sesame seeds, asparagus, a ‘beetroot letter parcel’ and coconut foam. While the idea of putting together three flavours so different from each other like the mango, beetroot and coconut seem a little odd, the final piece is one that you’ll surely remember. A little on the salty side, but still very fresh.


Pumpkin Soup Colonial Cuisine & Molecular


Next was our personal favourite, the Classic Pumpkin Soup. While not much can go wrong with pumpkin soup, it was smooth and creamy and tasted very fine. The chef also prepared specially roasted ‘leek ashes’ to add a different texture and taste along with the leek ravioli.


Filet d'Boeuf avec Vin Rouge Colonial Cuisine & Molecular Jakarta


This Filet de Boeuf avec Vin Rouge  was really one of the highlights of our meal there. A premium cut of Australian Tenderloin beef pan-seared to a perfect medium with a ‘Braised Ribs Agnolotti’, pureed potatoes, edamame and jus de vin.

There are also two other main course options including un Confit de Saumon a l’Huile aux Herbes, a Norwegian Salmon fillet cooked at a constant 40C herb-oil sous-vide with hand tossed orange risotto, rosemary baby potatoes, cauliflower florettes and orange sauce.

The last, Mon Poussin Roti was made famous by Chef Thomas Keller of the French Laundry. Literally meaning my roasted baby chickenMon Poussin Roti is roasted at 69C for 45 minutes and then served with Une Ratatouille Rosasse, cauliflower puree, pineapple salsa and jus de poulet.


Saumon Sous Vide at Colonial Cuisine and Molecular


Of course we cannot forget the surprise dessert treat. The Valrhona Chocolate & Chili is one dish to be remembered. With a creamy dark chocolate mousse, a surprise white-chili chocolate mousse that isn’t spicy, but pricks at the tongue, a 45 second nitrogen-made ‘mint coral’ sponge cake, strawberry coulis, yoghurt pearls and broken sesame tuilles.

Colonial Cuisine & Molecular Jakarta Cheat Sheet

  • Book ahead! It’s a busy time this month, and you don’t want to keep your loved one waiting while you whinge for two seats.
  • Decide ahead of time if you want two courses, three courses, or the full four course menu.
  • The Pre-Valentines Special Set Menu is available from the 5th (tomorrow!) until the 14th of February.
  • Only the four course menu is available on the 14th during dinner service.
  • If you’re allergic to anything on the menu, call them up and ask for a replacement.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day, so don’t wear black!
  • Don’t forget to bring a camera so you can capture this moment in time.

When: 5th February – 14th February (Valentine’s Menu)
Monday – Sunday ; 11:00 – 23:00

Where: Lippo Mall Kemang, Upper Ground,
Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 36,
Kemang, South Jakarta

Book Now / More Info: +6221 2905 6891 /

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    Hmmm looks interesting

    4 February 2016
  • Cat

    Looks very fancy, but unique. Super jealous that you get to go places like this!

    5 February 2016
  • Al

    Beautiful presentation of the food and ambiance for what seems like an accomodating location to eat. Makes me want to try it out!

    5 February 2016
  • monicasxu

    The review is so tempting…. :’D

    6 February 2016
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