A Cup of Macchiato by MANA

Takeaways coffee has literally takeover the city, it is not something odd to see Es Kopi Susu stand on the side of the road street or even inside the most prestigious shopping malls in Jakarta. With the New Wave of Es Kopi Susu takeout, it’s hard to pinpoint the significant difference between those hundreds, or probably reaching thousands coffee to go brands.


And looking MANA from far distance, the alluring shades of eccentric blue gives you that masculine character and impression at the first sight, but little do you know, MANA turns out to be sweeter than ever from its service point of view to the creamy thick macchiato they serve. And you can’t compare MANA to the rest of Es Kopi Susu takeaways, since they have developed different takes on takeaways coffee to give you something more special than a cup of Es Kopi Susu.



It is very rare for new startups coffee to-go brand that allows you to choose what kind of coffee bean you prefer, since between Robusta and Arabica, each has its own character and taste. Like some people who specifically has ulcer disease can’t consume Arabica due to its high acidity. And with its humble approach, MANA is more than pleased to explain this deeper, and educates their customer about coffee to create the perfect cup for you. And notice how passionate they are about coffee as they discuss their coffee and menu with you. (Extra Miles Service detected!).

Being coffee snobs themselves, MANA always maintained the highest quality coffee, that’s why even though they are only few months old, loyal customers keeps on coming back to enjoy a Cup of MANA. So let’s breakdown their People’s favorite and they are also MANA’s pride + #JKTGOapproved :



– Deconstructed White & White Macchiato
Going simple and classic, this menu is the perfect cup of Iced Coffee; you can choose your preferred coffee beans and MANA’s signature milk foam on top. Deconstructed White has that well balance between bitterness from the coffee to the sweetness of macchiato foam that tasted like vanilla ice cream.




– The Caramel Macchiato
HANDS DOWN, this Caramel Macchiato is way way better than those famous coffee chain out there (you know who they are), It’s just simply iced coffee using Robusta with Salted Caramel Macchiato on top, but with the strong aroma from Robusta that has chocolate, peanutty after- taste goes really well with the salted caramel macchiato, it’s not overly sweet yet the taste of salted caramel popcorn stands out but still does not overpower the coffee underneath.


– Kopi-Ko Leleh
Giving you Déjà vu experience by the first sip, Kopi-Ko Leleh has done its job right to reminisce you with your all time favorite childhood coffee candy. Recommend this menu to those who like their coffee sweeter and creamier!



– Melted Boba Shake
Heated and melted, the boba that is already in syrup-liquid form is infused then infused with tea, and is mixed with thick creamy vanilla milkshake then VOILA! That’s when the magic happens, MANA’s Melted Boba Shake taste exactly like Milk tea, only it’s the Milkshake version.



– Strawberry Milk & Banana Honey Milk
This one is more like light smoothies than milk. MANA use 100% fresh strawberries, and Banana puree so its 100% natural and healthy. MANA opens from 7:00, so if you’d like a quick healthy grab n go breakfast in a cup, here you go!



MANA coffee is also located inside Oakwood Premier Cozmo, not on the mainstreet so you won’t experience the hustle bustle traffic while you are ordering. MANA is open from Monday – Friday: 7:00 – 17:30 and Saturday: 08:00 – 14:00.( Closed on Sunday) And don’t you worry about the price, they are ranged from IDR 16K – 30K only. Last but not least you can adjust the sweetness level and have additional adds on like macchiato foam and espresso shot!



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