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7 Places to Eat that Open for 24 Hours

Feeling hungry at midnight? Well, we’ve been there. Sometimes, we just want to find other places to eat besides fast food. Well, we love fast food, but we need something new, right?

Therefore, we have listed 7 places to eat that open for 24 hours. Coffee shops, ‘warteg’ or even cosy restaurants, you name it, we’ve got it!

1. Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen

Lucky Cat Jakarta

If you’re looking for caffeine kick at late night, you can go to Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen at Pasar Festival. This good looking and spacious coffee shop also offers Western & Asian foods and some light bites. This place is owned by the same person behind Sajiva Coffee & Ceramics at Karawaci.

When: 24/7

Where: Plaza Festival South Parking
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said
Kuningan, South Jakarta

More info: +6221 5296 1475

2. Chin Ma Ya

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When you’re craving for a bowl of warm ramen, Chin Ma Ya is the perfect place to visit. This ramen house is open for 24 hours everyday! If you prefer something else than ramen, they also have rice menu, appetizers, and desserts too! Their Tonkotsu Ramen and Chin Ma Han (Mapo Tofu with Rice) are MUST TRY!

When: 24/7

Where: Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong blok B 4 No. 40
CBD Paramount Serpong
Gading Serpong

More info: +6221 2900 1065

3. RoCa Restaurant

We don’t know if you have noticed yet, but RoCa Restaurant at ARTOTEL Thamrin is also open for 24 hours! The place is cosy and colourful. Because of the artistic side, RoCa Restaurant has been used for many special occasions in many times. There’s so many things to choose from the menu from Western, Asian to dessert and light bites. It’s definitely perfect for all day dining!

When: 24/7

Where: ARTOTEL Thamrin GF
Jl. Sunda No. 3
Central Jakarta

More info: +6221 3192 5888

4. Warteg Gang Mangga

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This place is a hidden gem in Jakarta! If you’re seeking for affordable yet satisfying meals, Warteg Gang Mangga is the answer. It’s not one of the fancy places to eat that you can find in town, but trust us, the foods are delicious! You can find many traditional foods like rendang, kangkung, pete, tahu, tempe and many many more. Just pick your favourites to put into the plate, sit back and enjoy!

When: 24/7

Where: Jl. Kemurnian V No. 1D
West Jakarta

More info: +6221 6342 962

5. Bubur Kwang Tung

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And the night is getting better with a bowl of warm porridge in our hand. Bubur Kwang Tung is well known with their Chinese porridge. This place is quite packed at late night. Bubur Kwang Tung has stood since 2003 and still playing strong until now. You can find various porridges and comfort foods deep fried cakwe, spring rolls, soup and many more.

When: 24/7

Where: Jl. Pecenongan No. 67I
Central Jakarta

More info: +6221 386 5688

6. Kamseng Restaurant

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Kamseng Restaurant is another place to find Chinese porridge that open for 24 hours! Not only porridge, you can also find other Chinese foods like Roasted Chicken/Duck, Ci Cong Fan, Fried Noodles/Kwetiau and many more. Make sure you bring enough cash because they don’t accept credit and debit cards for payment.

When: 24/7

Where: Jl. Mangga Besar I no. 26
West Jakarta

More info: +6221 649 2319

7. Warung Pedes Kemang

Photo: Courtesy of @cnlulaby

Even it’s called “warung”, the place is cute and comfortable. Warung Pedes Kemang serves Indonesian foods that you can pick from the display. This place is definitely worths a try because it’s affordable and enough to satisfy your hunger. They have three types of sambal that you can choose: sambal matah, sambal goreng and sambal dadak.

When: 24/7

Where: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 103E
West Jakarta

More info: +6221 2271 7090

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