7 Exotic Foods We Dare You to Try

You can find a lot of fancy and exquisite foods in Jakarta. From traditional to modern, even the most peculiar, this town has it all! If you consider yourself as a food enthusiast who always find joy and thrill in experiencing new thing, we dare you to try these 7 exotic foods!

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1. Sate Ular

Photo: Courtesy of Aveline Felicia via pergikuliner


If you like to try something extreme, we dare you to savour Sate Ular (Snake Satay). Believe it or not, this satay is really popular because of the health benefits. Sate Ular could improve sexual arousal and make your skin healthier. In several places, they may serve snake’s blood too.

Where to find:

  • Tenda Dua Cobra, Pasar Lama Tangerang

2. Sate Biawak

Photo: Courtesy of foody.id


In case you haven’t known, Biawak is a large lizard with long neck. In English, people call it Monitor Lizard. There are a lot of species and the largest one is Varanus komodoensis or known as Komodo. Sate Biawak could prevent asthma and strengthen immune system. But be careful, eating too much reptile’s meat could also cause bacterial infection.

Where to find:

  • Sate Biawak Karawaci, Jl. Imam Bonjol Gang Vihara 1 Nomor 17, Karawaci
  • Various food tents at Jl. Mangga Besar

3. Paniki

Photo: Courtesy of indonesiakaya.com


You probably think it should be ‘panini’ but no, it’s not a typo. The name is really Paniki, one of the popular Manado cuisines, made from bats! You may not be a Batman after eating Paniki, but two things for sure, this meat could cure sore throat and improve your stamina which is good for your health.

Where to find:

  • Beautika, Jl. Hang Lekir No. 1, Senayan

4. Sate & Sop Kuda

Photo: Courtesy of sportourism.id


Another exotic foods that you should try is Sate Kuda (Horse Satay) and Sop Kuda (Horse Soup). It’s not easy to find this kind of food in Jakarta. The meat has hard texture, that’s why it takes longer time to cook compared to beef or mouton. And guess what, it is less fat so it’s suitable for diet. Many people believe that horse meat could cure asthma, rheumatic and improve blood circulation.

Where to find:

  • Sate Kuda Sop Kuda Pak Rehan, Jl. Pemuda No.17, Rawamangun, East Jakarta

5. Ikan Kudu Kudu

Photo: Courtesy of ariadiprana.com


What makes Ikan Kudu-Kudu (Box Fish) unique is their skin! The texture is hard, almost the same as crab shell. They may have creepy appearance but trust us, what’s inside is tender and delicious. Ikan Kudu Kudu is rare to find because it’s originated from Makassar. At a glance, it looks like Ikan Buntal (pufferfish).

Where to find:

  • Dermaga Makassar Seafood, The Breeze BSD City
  • Dinar Seafood, Jl. Pluit Indah Raya No. 168 A (next to Pluit Village)
  • Aroma Sedap, Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 43

6. Siput Gonggong

Photo: Courtesy of Google via lifestyle.okezone.com


Siput Gonggong (Gonggong Snail) is one of the phenomenal foods in Batam! This snail lives in water. It has chewy texture and you need a toothpick to pull the snail inside. People used to steam the snails and serve it with pineapple, chilli or garlic sauce. But remember people, Gonggong contains high cholesterol so don’t consume it too much!

Where to find: 

  • Bola Seafood Acui, Food Plaza Pantai Indah Kapuk

7. Fried Crickets

Ever wondering what it feels like to taste fried crickets? Unexpectedly, it’s delicious! We have tried one at the newest restaurant by ISMAYA group, Mr. Fox. They call it Krunchy Fried Crickets, with sambal kacang, crispy garlic and sweet soy caramel. It’s definitely one of the bizarre yet fancy foods that you can get in town.

Where to find: 

  • Mr. Fox,  The Energy SCBD Lot 11A, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53

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