WHAT: The best ice cream places in Jakarta.
WHY: Why we do it? Because its fun to grab a scoop or two in a hot summer day – before the rainy season starts.
HOW WE RATE IT: As usual, the places that make the cut are the ones that the locals have been loving. Here are the lists.

 1. Lin Artisan Ice Cream
This ice cream parlour started the nitrogen ice-cream/gelato movement in the city. So be sure to pay a visit to this pioneer. Plus, a cute burger joint – where bread is substituted with noodle is located right next door.Lin Artisan Ice Cream

 2. Rons Laboratory
The second place in the city that join the ice cream revolution in the city. Located at Grand Indonesia, this place is packed non stop from weekdays to weekend. We must say – their ice cream is super super delicious. Plus, you can get 20% off with Jakarta Pass. What more can we say? Oh, they invented new menus often. So be sure to keep yourself updated. Their instagram @ronslaboratory is the best place to keep up.Ron's Laboratory Jakarta

3. Elicxir Gelato
Another great additions to the city. With its first location at Plaza Indonesia, this place moved to Central Park – which has a more casual look, but way tastier ice cream ever than before. This place also accepts Jakarta Pass where you can get complimentary topping. So make sure you grab your card in a second. Cause its running out fast!Elicxir Jakarta

 4. Magnum Café
Magnum can be said to make ice cream sexy again. Developed by Ismaya Group, this chocolate house is the perfect getaway for you who loves the taste of regular ice cream, but with many delicious creations. Note that this place is always packed during the weekend. So be sure to come early if you want to get a seat.Magnum Cafe Jakarta


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