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There are several 24-hour print shop that does from photo copying to printing banners, name card, and many other printing needs.

Revo Print Shop

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Revo works with simple photo copy and printing. They do all sorts of digital printing, like brochures, name cards, banners, even tshirts. If you’re a university student, and you have to submit your paper really early tomorrow, you can print your papers and bind it here because it’s open 24 hours!

Where: Jl. RS. Fatmawati No.7 (Across HONDA Fatmawati)
More Info: +62822 138 5555 2,  +6221 7514581 / [email protected]


ILITHO printing

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Not only printing, Ilitho serve the completed data or half-completed data for trimming back using our library of data. It is very comprehensive because you can use it as a trace element in your design until it is ready to print. They do digital printing as well as letterpress printing. The specially letterpress could make your business card or invitation look even fancier.

Where: Jl. Gandaria I No.71, Jakarta Selatan
More Info: +6282210010068, +6217255441 / [email protected]


Percetakan Dynasty

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Other than being a 24-hour print shop, Percetakan Dynasty can also deliver their work to your doorstep! They can print shopping bags, envelopes, magazines, and also menus.

Where: Jl. Kalibaru Timur Gg 6 No. 20A, Jakarta Pusat
More Info: +6221-4240078, +6281932253364 / [email protected]


Bintang Sempurna

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Bintang Sempurna has copy station, digital & offset printing, and also  customize print. They can print your annual report, leaflets, and also stamps!
Where: Jl. Bendungan Hilir No.46, Jakarta Pusat
More Info: (+6221) 572 1218, +62 812 8875 0000 / [email protected]


Whether your in university or you’re an entrepreneur, printing is one of the most important thing to be done right and should be available for 24 hours in the capital area.
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