10 Street Food You Must Try in Surabaya

1. Sate Ayam Kendalsari


Credit : @kokobigkuliner

When it comes to Sate, Surabaya is the home to the comfort food that reminds you of late night shenanigans with your friends. Best served hot, and with plenty of its original peanut sauce, you can find one of the town’s long-standing vendor at the eastern part of Surabaya. For thirty five years the family has been waiting customers at the same place and they are planning to stay around to fulfil your cravings.

Price : Rp 13.000 for 10 piece
When : 17.00 – 23.00
Where : Jalan Kendalsari no.26



2. Kikil Sapi Bronggalan


Credit : @amazingindonesiafood

If you’re up for some spicy creamy santan based dish that includes non-traditional meat, you can find it at Kikil Sapi Bronggalan where their specialty includes Kikil and Sum Sum. Only open for three hours per night, it is wise for you to get there before the sun sets or you’ll miss it altogether.
Price : Rp 20.000 for Original Kikil Soup
When : 17.00 – 20.00
Where : Jalan Raya Bronggalan no.26



3. Nasi Campur Pak Salim


Credit : @sbykulinerinfo

One of the most creative food Indonesians put together is the classic Nasi Campur, where a variety of dishes are placed side by side to pamper your tastebud. Yellow curried tofu, Krengsengan meat, Soun Kecap, with sweet and spicied egg are what you would usually find on your plate. Nasi Campur Pak Salim has been a crowd favourite for quite some time, and it’s a comfort food that best to enjoy either day or night.

Price : Rp 27.000 for Nasi Campur Empal
When : 05.00-15.00 / 17.00-21.00
Where : Jalan Raya Mulyosari no.115



4. Nasi Krawu Mbuk Su


Credit : @sbykulinerinfo


Because Surabaya is the next door neighbor to Madura Island, it is understandable that their favorite food becomes our favorite food as well. Nasi Krawu is another name for Empal dish, where the meat is usually served in a broken down style coupled with heart, liver, and other offal choices.

Price : Rp 20.000 for Nasi Krawu
When : 07.00-11.00
Where : Jalan Manyar Kertoarjo no. 110-112



5. Rawon Kalkulator Warung Sedap Malam


Credit : @sbykulinerinfo

At Taman Bungkul Surabaya, you can find a variety of street food that the local government supports, and one of them is the very famous Rawon Kalkulator. The unique endearment term is a result of longstanding great service from their people who are able to count without calculators
even with the most difficult numbers possible. If you’re curious about this place’s background, take a visit at night time when they’re mostly busy with patrons.

Price : Rp 24.000 for Nasi Rawon
When : 11.00 – 03.00
Where : PKL Trisula Taman Bungkul Surabaya



6. Terang Bulan Warna Warni


Credit : @cecekuliner

Over the years, there has been some fast development for Terang Bulan, an Indonesian styled pancake that resonates like a culture for everyone living in the country, and at Terang Bulan Warna Warni, you can find the unusually delicious black glutinous rice and shredded coconut Terang Bulan. The mix of traditional ingredients into this snack is truly mind-blowing, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you certainly are missing out on a lot.

Price : Rp 10.000 for Terang Bulan Ketan Hitam Kelapa Susu
When : 18.00 – 21.00
Where : Jalan Raya Simogunung



7. Pecel Lele Cak Di Nganjuk


Credit : @laparlagimakanlagi

Pecel is an Indonesian favorite dish based on the mix of peanut sauce, lime, and other special ingredients that can make you feel like you are home. Lele, or catfish, is also one of the most sought after fish in the country that usually goes well with Pecel. Here at Pecel Lele Cak Di Nganjuk, you can request your level of spiciness to match your tastebud.

Price : Rp 18.000 for Patin Goreng
When : 17.30-01.00
Where : Jalan Dr.Moestopo no.91



8. Nasi Cumi Pasar Atom


Credit : @eattemptationsby

Located near Pasar Atom, Surabaya’s most notable shopping spree place, Nasi Cumi Pasar Atom became a big hit with the local’s so much in recent years that they decided to open for business 24 hours every day now. The classic octopus based dish is served with warm rice and its spicy chilli, and it will forever haunt your tastebuds.

Price : Rp 17.000
When : 24 hours
Where : Jalan Waspada no.64



9. Tahu Campur Pak Sadak


Credit : @horizonhoman

Tahu Campur is a dish unlike any others. It’s savoury, but also sweet, with a bit of petis, but also soup on top of its fried tofu and stewed beef. Wondering how the taste will explode in your mouth? Fret not, Tahu Campur Pak Sadak has done a great job at serving it to newbie tongues that they are now also serving inside one of the town’s newest shopping precinct because of their success. Whoever says you can’t gain big with a small start certainly has never known this place before.

Price : Rp 17.000
When : 18.00 till closing
Where : Jalan Pakis Tirtoasri, behind Gedung Juang 45



10. Nasi Ayam Pakde Saijo


Credit : @r47natjan

At Nasi Ayam Pakde Saijo, you can expect a simple but fulfilling dish when you’re in need of some good mood pick-me-up food. The stir fried chicken is served with fried eggs, and sometimes vegetables if you request it, and it also comes with a sauce that conjures all the flavours at once.
Open for lunch and dinner, this place originally located in the western part of Surabaya.

Price : Rp 15.000 for standard Nasi Ayam
When : 13.00-21.00
Where : Gwalk Citraland Surabaya behind Happy Garden

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