10 reasons why you should visit Jakarta Aquarium!

1. Located inside the mall

As an urban society, we always want everything that is all in one, convenient and efficient. The good news is, Jakarta Aquarium is located inside Neo Soho mall, which is also directly connected to the Central Park mall! Besides being accessible and making it easy for us to shop, watch, or dine in at restaurants, we don’t need to spend 2 times for entrance fees.   

2. Supported by Hi-Technology

In accordance with the concept of edutaiment (Education Entertainment), the technological features that exist in  Jakarta Aquarium are one of the attractions there. During your exploration in the Jakarta Aquarium, you can use various electronic devices such as tabs / surfaces in each zone, to live our imagination and deepen our knowledge about any animal in the zone. The cool thing is, Jakarta Aquarium also provides free wifi facilities for us to play the game “Quiz and Puzzle”, through the Jakarta Aquarium application that we can download on the Google Play Store or App Store, which can be exchanged for souvenirs from the Jakarta Aquarium. It’s so exciting! 

3. Ocean Walkway

This is one of the exciting and tense experiences in the Jakarta Aquarium! Feel the thrill of walking just inches above a tank full of sharks, stingrays, and many fishes.

4. Swim with Sharks

Can you pass the Ocean Walkway? Ok then, we challenge you to Aquatrekking. You will enter into our main tank to meet and swim directly with a collection of sharks, stingrays, giant groupers, and many other marine animals.

 5. Meet mermaids

The theater produced by Patrick Wilson, the famous Australian producer that should not be missed, telling the story of father’s love for his daughter who was condemned to be a mermaid. The mermaid will enter and dance along with many fish in the Jakarta Aquarium’s main tank. Pearl of the South Sea, regular performances that are present in the Southern Sea Gallery Jakarta Aquarium zone on Tuesday – Thursday (13.00), Friday (15:00 p.m. and 17:00 ), Saturday and Sunday (13:00 , 15:00, 17:00) can be enjoyed by visitors to the Jakarta Aquarium for regular and premium ticket purchase. 

6. Exploring the sea with submarines

This one is also one of the reasons why you should go to Jakarta Aquarium. For approximately 20 minutes, the mini theater designed with 5-dimensional features and the submarine simulator will invite us to explore the underwater world.

7. Instagrammable spot

Since Jakarta Aquarium is  very well-designed, there are lots of Instagrammable spots that really make you miss. And don’t forget tofollow and tag us to @Jakartaaquarium

8. Direct contact with animals

There are several zones that we can try to experience direct contact with animals. Python, Tegu, Insect and Binturong snakes in the Mini Zoo area.  And in the Touch Pool zone we can try touching star fish and sea cucumbers. It must be really exciting to finally be able to get to know Patrick in real life!  And don’t miss meeting the sea cucumbers, even though they  look sharp and quiet intimidating, but this sea cucumber is really smooth! you will regret it really, if you don’t try it. 

9 Dine in with the penguins

After getting a day full of exploring, we can take a break and indulge seafood feast at Pingoo along with sub-tropical penguins, the third generation that have been successfully cultivated by Taman Safari Indonesia. Not only accompanied, but we can also feed these Humboldt penguins! It must have been very interesting to see get close to them! 

10. Learn a lot about beauty, culture and how to preserve marine life.

Aside from being a tourist destination. Jakarta Aquarium has a movement as the first mover of the conservation mission, by promoting the “LAUTKU BERSIH” movement, and also introducing several examples that can be used specifically for families to reduce the use of plastic. Products such as cassava-based bags, paper straws or spoons, wooden forks and wall of education in several zones can be found in the Jakarta Aquarium. 

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